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Adventure Park Gear is a ...

• Certified Service Center for Edelrid Smart Belays & Safe Descent Rescue Devices


Customers should send their Smart Belays & Safe Descents

to Adventure Park Gear for Annual Service and Repairs.


1. Please download our Smart Belay Service & Repair Form: SMART BELAY SERVICE & REAIR FORM.

    (Google Sheets>File>Download). If you have a Safe Descent Rescue device in need of service, please contact

     for instructions.


2. Once downloaded, complete & email the form to

3. Complete Information/Terms of Service Here : TERMS OF SERVICE. 

4. Print out the Smart Belay Service Sheet form and place one in the box(s) and keep one for your records

5. When shipping your gear, pack it neatly into a box - for Smart Belays, please wrap them in circle and stack them.

     If shipping large quantities please pack your belays with a maximum of 12 belays per box due to weight.

6. Payment for service must be paid upfront. Additional charges for parts and shipping will be invoiced once service is performed. Your devices will be shipped back to you once full payment is received by Adventure Park Gear.


Ship to: 

Adventure Park Gear
Attention to: Service Department
12913 State Route 22
Canaan, NY 12029
Phone: (518) 288-2921

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