The radialis range of harnesses was specially developed for use in modern adventure and tree rope parks. Care was taken to see that the harnesses are easy to put on, remove, and adjust. The harnesses are manufactured from tough 45 mm nylon webbing which is ideal for the hard use encountered in commercial use. The double sewn ends provide extra safety preventing the buckles from being completely unthreaded.

Nicknamed “20 seconds” during the development of the “Radialis Pro”, this molded full body harness reduces staff involvement thereby reducing costs dramatically. One should consider the harnesses in any park as one of the most important items. Think about it: the core of your revenue is essentially created by renting out harnesses. Other than gloves, no other piece of equipment is as intimately connected to a customer. Should a harness therefore not accurately represent the quality of an attraction? Harnesses need to be more than just a safety item.

Its intuitive, semi-rigid construction prevents webbing from getting tangled. Fixed leg loops and three quick adjustment buckles allow anyone, even a beginner to put on the Radialis like a pro in no time. The movable waist padding and ergonomic shape keeps everybody safe AND comfortable.

Built specifically for Adventure Parks, it addresses all industry and park owners concerns:

  • Simplicity

  • High volume use

  • Comfort

  • Quick drying

  • Easily adjustable

  • Two sizes fit all

  • Colored staff “touch points”

  • Light weight

  • High end quality

  • Made In Germany

The simple “two sizes fit all” and color coding approach helps operators to keep it simple. Especially on high volume days simple and quick turnaround is key. The water-resistant outer fabric is extremely fast drying and is easy to wipe clean. 

Storage is made easy with the integrated “toggle” attachment that slides into standard extruded aluminum profiles that can be installed in your harness area.


The classic high ropes harness. Fully-adjustable webbing harness that covers all sizes thanks to its six Easy-Glider buckles.



The Radialis Comp is a classic style, full body harness. To wear, simply step into it from above like a pair of pants. The two different webbing colors separate the waist and chest parts making instruction to the use of the harness easier. Also available in children’s sizes.

Comp Adult:

  • Max weight 265 pounds (120 kg)

  • Waist: min. 70cm / max. 160cm

  • Leg Loops: min. 30cm / max. 100cm

Comp Junior:

  • Max weight 265 pounds (120 kg)

  • Waist: min. 40cm / max. 120cm

  • Leg Loops: min. 20cm / max. 70cm


Singing Rock Technic Steel Speed NFPA S.png


A fully adjustable, full body harness for work positioning and fall-arrest. Padded hip belt and leg loops for comfort. Available in Easy Lock buckle.


  • Independently adjustable leg loops and shoulder straps

  • Front and rear lower attachment point for descender placement or work positioning (EN813)

  • Lateral attachment points in accordance with EN 358

  • Light alloy D-rings are movable into "parking position" avoiding being caught-up while in use

  • Easy-Lock buckles enable fluent and fast adjustment to fit to users body

  • Slots designed to secure hanging equipment (such as power saw, drill machine, etc)

  • Identification and methodical label

  • Chest attachment point according to EN 361

  • D-ring, flat and padded dorsal attachment point according to EN 361

  • Weight: 1620 grams / 57 oz

  • Rear dorsal attachment included as required by EN 361

  • CE 1019 EN 358 EN 813 EN 361