zipSTOP Zip Line Brake

The zipSTOP and zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brakes use our patented, self-regulating magnetic braking technology to brake zip line riders smoothly and comfortably before automatically resetting for the next rider. The end result is happy customers, higher throughput and an increase to your bottom line.

The zipSTOP IR is a more streamlined version of our zip line brake. The 'IR' stands for internal reduction, and it can accommodate speeds to 60 km/h (37 mph) without an external reduction line, making installation and upkeep easier.

The zipSTOP is easy to operate, has no downtime due to weather, and provides consistent braking for a wide range of rider weights, with arrival speeds up to 24 km/h (15 mph) with a 2:1 reduction ratio.

The zipSTOP IR is ideal for the most common zip lines – those contacting the brake trolley at speeds between 24-59.5 km/h (15-37 mph). For less than 24 km/h (15 mph), the standard zipSTOP is perfect.

zipSTOP IR and zipSTOP Highlights


  • Our patented eddy current braking technology – automatically adjusts the braking resistance to the weight of the rider for smooth, comfortable deceleration
  • High range of allowable rider weights and speeds, giving you flexibility in zip line design and operations
  • Eliminates rider participation in braking, minimizing the potential for human error and significantly reducing staff involvement and risk
  • Provides consistent braking and automatically resets after each ride, greatly increasing zip line throughput
  • Low maintenance needs and a low cost of ownership, with minimal parts replacement (webbing and bumper)
  • Can be installed in any outdoor environment and can withstand the elements (no need to cease operations due to wind, rain or snow)