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The Petzl Trac is a great trolley for zip line courses looking for an easy to use stable trolley. The Petzl Trac provides the smooth efficiency of bearings with a solid housing. The housing for the Petzl Trac incorporates two grooves on the top to hold your progression carabiners in place while zipping down the line.

• Bearings ensure constant efficiency regardless of the users weight compared to bushings
• VERTIGO carabiner is integrated into the pulley, making it easier to install and difficult to drop
• WIRE-LOCK locking system facilitates manipulation
• Clip on cover system for easy installation of TRAC pulley on the Petzl JOKO-I pulley lanyard
• The support folds for progression carabiners keep them from rubbing along the cables during Tryolean traverses
• Folds limit the risk of pinched fingers
• Recommended max speed 20m/s, 45mph
• Cable diameter: 9-13mm (may also be used on ropes)
• 95% efficiency rating
• CE EN 12278


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