We carry the Adventure Park-Collection from EDELRID, the top product development innovator in the Adventure Park sector.

Using the latest technology to guarantee more fun and safety for the user. Our product selection offers the highest safety standards, combined with great functionality, handling and less risk.


The Revolutionary EDELRID Smart Belay provides the Adventure Park operator with an interactive Pulley Carabiner System providing more safety and raising security for park visitors to a new level.


The Radialis range of harnesses was specially developed for use in modern adventure and tree rope parks. Care was taken to see that the harnesses are easy to put on, remove, and adjust.


Climbing helmets all used to look pretty much the same until EDELRID completely re-thought their design. In 1985, the Ultralight revolutionized stability and safety and is still going strong today.


We offer an attachment solution to fit your safety needs and special situations. Get the classic French (life-rated) quick link here.


The new generation of hi-tech German made cable has been especially designed for zip-lines with increased strength and endurance. While normal zip line cables will last between 25,000 and 30,000 runs, this hi-tech zip-line will last 5 to 8 times longer.


The Pilot bar is Edelrid's latest innovation to further improve the Smart Belay. Especially on the American markets, many operators feel that customers should not be spinning while zip-lining. A sideways or backward landing could potentially lead to injuries.


We offer a selection of essential staff gear that provides the greatest flexibility, fast response time and high level of safety for your personnel, while getting as quickly as possible to a customer in need.


While you have the least maintenance intensive safety system in the world with the Smart Belay we ask you to check all units on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule.



The TRUBLUE Auto Belay was the first of its kind and it remains the best auto belay for your climbing gym, indoor climbing wall, adventure park or training center – anywhere that fall protection is needed.


The quickjump free fall device was designed as a natural extension of our patented magnetic braking technology, allowing a jumper a thrilling free fall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. They give riders the sensation of a real free fall, and it makes the quickjump the perfect addition to a ropes course or any outdoor attraction that wants to add a real 'wow' factor.


The zipstop line Brakes use patented, self-regulating magnetic braking technology to brake zip line riders smoothly and comfortably before automatically resetting for the next rider. The end result is happy customers, higher throughput and an increase to your bottom line.